Artforum on Comment il s’appelle

I recently exhibited at Lab47, a cool place hiding amongst the hutongs in Beijing. The exhibition is part of my ongoing project Art Labor at Large.

Artforum nicely summarized,


Artist Shuang Li’s exhibition Comment Il S’appelle contains three works made of wood, which seem to be a pair of large dice, a set of dining tools and a pair of awkwardly-shaped white wings proportionate to a human being, a couple feathers of which are even broken. The works aren’t made by the artist, instead, they were made by a couple art handlers in their spare time within 3 weeks. The artist is trying to initiate contemplation on “what is art” and “what exactly is art labor”. Shuang Li emphasize that she’s the the maker, but an art handling company named Zmart, which consists of 6 art handlers. They are from Xuancheng, Anhui, who have not had art education beforehand. They are in a complicated relationship with art: on the one hand, this is their means of living, while on the other, they hold grudges and doubt towards it. They always complain, “why would somebody spend thousands on a crap like this?” which led to the conceiving of the exhibition. The artist initiated a “deal”, that she would help the artists making their company’s website, while the art handlers will make art works. When asked, “what do you want us to make?”, Li answered, “it can be anything.”

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